Cascade Manual: Table of Contents

If you're new to Cascade, we recommend that you start by reading the Introduction to Cascade chapter, which explains the fundamentals about how Cascade works. Once you've finished reading this chapter, or if you're already familiar with Cascade, you should be able to skip around to whichever section of the manual you want.


  1. Introduction to Cascade
    1. What is Cascade?
    2. A Detailed Introduction to Cascade File System
    3. Cascade Repository URLs
    4. Checkpointing vs. Committing
    5. Configuring Cascade
    6. Acknowledgements
  2. Installation
    1. Cascade System Requirements
    2. Which Components to Install?
    3. Windows Installation Instructions
    4. Linux Installation Instructions
    5. Macintosh Installation Instructions
    6. Firewalls
    7. Windows WSGI Instructions
    8. Storage Size
    9. Upgrading an Existing Cascade Installation
  3. Cascade Manager
    1. Accessing Cascade Manager
    2. Creating and Managing Users
    3. License Management
    4. Adding Repositories
    5. Task Configurations
    6. Starting/Stopping Cascade Manager
    7. Revisions and Tasks
    8. Email Settings
    9. Purging Logs, Old Checkpointed Changesets, and Task Results
  4. The Cascade Command Line Client
    1. Introduction to the Command Line Client
    2. Authentication and Authentication Caching
    3. csc apply
    4. csc blame
    5. csc checkpoint
    6. csc clone
    7. csc commit
    8. csc diff
    9. csc help
    10. csc launch
    11. csc lock
    12. csc log
    13. csc merge
    14. csc mode
    15. csc mount
    16. csc newline
    17. csc revert
    18. csc status
    19. csc unlock
    20. csc update
  5. The Cascade Windows Explorer Shell Extension
    1. Introduction to the Shell Extension
    2. Authentication and Authentication Caching
    3. Context Menu Commands
    4. Icon Overlays
    5. "Details" View Column Support

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